Frequent questions

Thanks for your interest in what I'm doing; I've answered the questions I get asked a lot below.

How do I get a knife?
I usually post up to 10 knives on this website once every two weeks. I update my Instagram with the exact day and UK time and the online shop will advertise "Next Knives" too. To be fair to everyone interested in my knives, it's a first come, first served process no matter who you are.

How much does a knife cost?
The cost of knives is calculated by length. Normally, I charge £1.20 per millimetre of blade and £50 for the handle for my san mai blades. If I'm working with a unique steel, shape or handle material then the price will differ.

Can I get a free knife?
No. I occasionally donate knives as prizes for charity fundraising and good cause campaigns; the best way to find out who I'm supporting is through Instagram.

Can I reserve a knife?
I don't take reservations, even if a knife will be a gift for someone. I'm lucky to have a lot of interest in my products so everything I make is available to all.

Do you take custom orders?
I don't take custom orders because I've found my knives turn out better when I'm making for myself and the blade/handle can develop organically. The only stamp I add is my maker's mark 💀.

Do you sell gift vouchers?
I don't at the moment because the knives might sell out before someone with a voucher had the chance to buy one.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I post knives all over the world with full insurance. Once your knife is posted you'll receive a tracking number.

In the UK I have to post knives using age verification, so please expect to show ID when receiving your knife.

Some countries will apply additional customs charges so please be aware of your additional costs if buying from outside the UK.

Do you run knife making workshops?
Not at the moment. It's just me making knives and I don't have the time to run a good workshop yet.

I've collected some nitrous oxide canisters, can I send them to you?
Thank you for the offer, but it's likely to cost you a lot in postage and it might not be safe in case some canisters are still full. I'm thinking about ways I can collect from people and in the meantime, if you're passing through Wigtownshire in Scotland let me know...

Not-so-frequent questions:

Most of my time is spent making knives so please make sure you're asking something that isn't answered above and I'll be able to respond faster.