Frequent questions

Thanks for your interest in what I'm doing; I've answered the questions I get asked a lot below.

How much does a knife cost?
The cost of knives is calculated by length. Normally, I charge £1.10 per millimetre of blade and £50 for the handle for my san mai blades. That means most knives end up costing between £110 and £270. If I'm working with a unique steel or handle material then the price will differ.

How do I get a knife?
I usually post knives on this website once a week. I update my Instagram with the exact day and UK time. To be fair to everyone interested in my knives, it's a first come, first served process.

Can I get a free knife?
No. I occasionally donate knives as prizes for charity fundraising and good cause campaigns; the best way to find out who I'm supporting is through Instagram.

Can I reserve a knife?
I don't take reservations, even if a knife will be a gift for someone. I'm lucky to have a lot of interest in my products so everything I make is available to all.

Do you take custom orders?
I don't take custom orders because I've found my knives turn out better when I'm making for myself and the blade/handle can develop organically. The only stamp I add is my maker's mark 💀.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I post knives all over the world.

Not-so-frequent questions:

Most of my time is spent making knives so please make sure you're asking something that isn't answered above and I'll be able to respond faster.